Alcohol Can Cheer You Up
Alcohol Can Cheer You Up-icon
Task Information
Description Moderate drinking is beneficial to your health! Therefore, wine has a strong footing in the market! Why don't you produce some?
In-Game Hint The price of wine is much higher than the price of grapes!
Coins Coins 35
RC Farm cash
Sharing Bonus
Coins Coins 35

Alcohol Can Cheer You Up is one of the Tasks in Family Farm.

Subtasks Edit

Wine Maker-icon Get a Wine Maker Skip for 2 RC
Wine-icon Produce 2 bottles of (Red) Wine Skip for 4 RC

Share Edit

Alcohol Can Cheer You Up Reward-icon Farmer has complete the task ALCOHOL CAN CHEER YOU UP in Family Farm!

Farmer is creating a great farm, and hope to share his/her achievement with his/her friends!

Gallery Edit

Gallery Alcohol Can Cheer You Up

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