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Lots of work for Grandma Blair! Felicia needs to get ready for her student sorority's Crazy Cornflake Gathering and Ol'MacDonald is going on his yearly Hike & Harvest Day with his friends. Farmer, your help is needed!

Missions Edit

# Description  Order Reward
1 Oh dear, oh dear. I’ll never make all this food in time but I promised Felicia I would take care of the food for her sorority gathering. I really need an extra pair of hands! Can you possibly make some fruit chips in the dehydrator?
Apricot Chips
Produce 15 Apricot Chips
Coins 35 300
XP 30
Banana Chips
Produce 20 Banana Chips
2 Hmm, I wonder what Felicia and her sorority sisters will be talking about at their gathering... Well, I don’t suppose she will tell her grandmother about it! Oh, probably similar to back in the day when I was young…
Apricot Chip Cookie
Produce 25 Apricot Chip Cookies
Coins 35 320
XP 32
Banana Chip Cereal

Produce 30 Banana Chip Cereals
3 I can’t shake the feeling that I am forgetting something today. I can’t think what it is… Oh well, let’s get some drinks ready for Felicia’s sorority, and maybe I’ll remember...
Mandarin Juice
Produce 20 cups of Mandarin Juice
Coins 35 350
XP 35
Almond Milk
Produce 20 Almond Milk in the Plant Milk Machine
4 Oh yes, I remember now! Ol’MacDonald has his annual Hike & Harvest Day with his friends today! This is when they help a fellow farmer with his harvest. I promised to prepare some food!
Perform 60 actions on neighbors’ farms
Coins 35350
XP 35
Produce 60 glasses of Stout
5 The men will walk to the farmer’s farm they are going to help. After all it’s called Hike & Harvest, isn’t it? So there’s lots of food to make – fast, I don’t want Ol’MacDonald to show up late!
Blackberry Jam
Produce 60 bottles of Blackberry Jam
Coins 35 380
XP 38
Orange Yogurt
Produce 25 Orange Yogurt
Grandma’s Rooster Burger
Produce 80 Grandma’s Rooster Burgers
6 Oh dear oh dear! What a busy day on the farm. If only I had a place to rest and have something to drink. I’m too tired, could you help me? Thanks, you’re a great help!
Grandma in the Sun
Craft a Grandma in the Sun in the Workshop
Coins 35 400
XP 40
Grandma in the Sun
Place a Grandma in the Sun on the farm
Blackberry Wine
Produce 20 bottles of Blackberry Wine in the Fruit Wine Machine
Final Price

Bactrian Camel